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Holiday Notice

Apologies to all our wonderful customers but we will be taking a rather long holiday break this year from

Tuesday 19th July until Tuesday 27th September. 


The good news is we won't be away for the lead up to Christmas as last year! 

Thank you so very much for the amazing support & hope you will check back in once we are up & running again :) 



Tasmanian Craft has an extensive selection of handmade or Tasmanian designed products listed, many pieces you won't find elsewhere. 

Our wonderful range of Tasmanian or Australian made pure wool socks, scarves, beanies & accessories are just perfect for the colder days.

We also stock a hugely popular range of products designed in Tasmania but manufactured elsewhere.

*Free gift wrapping is available on request.
* Phone payments by credit card are welcome.
* Free shipping on orders over $150

Tasmanian Craft Latest Products

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Huon Pine

Huon pine or Lagarostrobos franklinii is Australia’s oldest living tree, extremely slow growing with a fine grain and close-spaced growth rings unique to Tasmania. 

Highly prized by wood craftsmen due to its ease of use Huon pine is initially a pale straw colour but mellows to a really deep golden lustre over time with a strong aromatic perfume. Woodworkers love it especially when they find a highly figured or speckled piece known as Bird's eye. Traditionally and to this day still used in wooden boat building due to its natural oils that resist rotting. 

There are accessible sites to see Huon pines growing either on the West Coast or the Tahune Forest Reserve near Geeveston. Most Huon pine now used is salvaged from an area near Strahan on the West Coast of Tasmania.

Huon Pine Featured Products

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